About Us


About Stolen Equipment:

An initiative to create an ecosystem for Businesses, Insurers, Law Enforcement, and Equipment owners where they can register, search, and find stolen equipment.

  • An initiate to curb theft of Mobile Equipment:

    An initiative to introduce an online database to resolve issues related to the theft of Mobile Equipment in Canada.

  • Custom-made Database:

    This database will help facilitate information to interested individuals through a dedicated portal that can protect them from purchasing stolen property or help them find and recover their lost items.

  • Helping Canadian Business:

    We aim to provide accurate data for Canadians to check equipment before purchase/sale/finance and prevent theft & fraud in the country.

Why reporting is Critical?

Recent records show that there has been a dramatic increase in the theft of Mobile Equipment in Canada costing, an approximate loss of $46 million per year to the business and the equipment owners. Everything from front-end loaders to bulldozers are been stolen.

Ever-increasing theft numbers and losses are alarming and call for immediate attention.

Comprehending the urgency, we have taken the initiative to introduce the Stolen Equipment. This website will allow Canadian business owners, Insurers and Law Enforcement to have a centralized portal to check the rightful ownership of equipment. They will have access to vital information such as equipment details, owner details, equipment image, etc., that will protect them from purchasing stolen property or help them find and recover their lost items.

The process of locating and recovery of stolen items starts with reporting. It is a critical step and sometimes can be a lengthy process bearing no fruits. But with us, you do not have to worry. We have made the reporting process hassle-free for every party.

  • • Register using your email and contact details.
  • • Provide some basic details about yourself and the stolen equipment/machinery
  • • Get informed as soon as we find any information related to your report

Why us?

We are a 100% Canadian company, and we understand the need of an online forum to help Canadian Businessman, Insurance providers and the Law Enforcement:

  • Providing accurate data to check equipment before purchase/sale/finance.
  • Recognizing stolen equipment.
  • Preventing theft and fraud.
  • Increasing the possibility of getting equipment back if it is stolen.