Why Stolen Equipment

A dedicated portal to report all kind of theft happening related to heavy machinery and equipment.

Ease of use

Anyone who is a victim of theft can register through the portal and report the theft with verifiable documents.

Ideal for Insurers

Any insurance agency can register and search for equipment whether there has been any report of them being stolen.

How it works

We have a very simple process of theft reporting with minimal information about the owner and the equipment. The process of searching and identifying any incidences is also very easy.

Registration of theft

Whenever machinery or equipment is reported as stolen, the make, model and registration number of that equipment are registered in our portal with details of the rightful owners.

Locating theft incident

Potential buyers, resellers, insurers, and law enforcement personnel can easily check for suspicious equipment through our portal.

Tracking rightful owners

Whenever stolen equipment is located, we provide all the details to the enquiry person and authorities with details of rightful owners.

Recovery and handover

Authorities can then initiate the process of recovery and handover of the property to the rightful owners.

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Our Benefits

Research estimates that approximately $300 million to $1 billion in heavy equipment is stolen every year. Effective reporting and information management of theft can save thousands across construction, farming, and equipment manufacturing industry

Chances of recovery

The legitimate owners of stolen equipment or machinery get a chance of getting their stolen goods recovered.

Preventing Theft And Fraud

Insurance and law enforcement agencies have a centralized portal to check the rightful ownership of equipment preventing robbery and fraud.

Legitimate product sales

Buyers of used equipment and machinery have an assurance of getting only legitimate and rightful products.

Recover Your Lost Item

Increases the possibility of getting equipment back if it is stolen. Insurance and law enforcement agencies have a centralized portal to check the rightful ownership of equipment.

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Why reporting is critical

The first step of locating and recovery of any goods that have been stolen is getting them reported. Once the goods have been reported as stolen, it makes it difficult for people to sell them in the market. We have made the reporting process hassle-free for you.

  • Register using your email and contact details.
  • Provide some basic details about yourself and the stolen equipment/machinery
  • Get informed as soon as we find any information related to your report